Satisfied Customers


Niclas Bölöni Karlsson  recommends The Bearded Heating Co.

January 8 at 11:49 AM · 

Ranj is both professional and efficient. He doesn't cut corners and delivers exactly as promised.

Ranj are definitely welcome back back here for future needs

5 stars

Menno van Dijk
  recommends The Bearded Heating Co.

January 3 at 4:04 PM · 

We met Ranj by accident and told him about the heating system we wanted. He advised, delivered and installed the whole system for a very good price/quality rate. Even afterwards he responded immediately when we thought something didn't work well. Next to that Ranj is a very nice person also. We recommend him highly.

Vicky Hampson
  recommends The Bearded Heating Co.

December 13, 2018 at 4:58 PM · 

Ranj should actually also have a cape not just a fleece jacket as this man genuinely does come to the rescue! 
Not only is he super knowledgeable, sharp, professional & fast, but also very accommodating & thoughtful. Thank you for making time in your crazy busy day & for bringing warmth back to our Baltic home ! 👍

Jiyeon Yeom  recommends The Bearded Heating Co.

November 27, 2018 · 

Super kind and nice. strongly recommend!

Anna Kamkouti reviewed The Bearded Heating Co. — 5 star

October 31, 2018 · 

Excellent work and service!! Ranj is a super nice person always replying back in sec !! def recommended!!!

Cristina Wankelmut  recommends The Bearded Heating Co.

September 8, 2018 · 

Ranj identified and fixed an annoying and intermittent problem we had with our boiler. He is very professional, experienced and explanatory which made us feel completely safe and comfortable with him. Many thanks, Ranj! We strongly recommend The Bearded Plumbing 💚

Daniel T Webster-clamp reviewed The Bearded Heating Co. — 5 star

June 27, 2018 · 

Excellent , came out the same day , fixed the problem even looked at my boiler for no cost and good chat as well !!!

Craig Lovelidge reviewed The Bearded Heating Co. — 5 star

June 8, 2018 · 

Ranj is without any shadow of a doubt a trusted and truly professional plumber/heating engineer. He surpassed my expectations and was a joy to have in the house. He sourced and supplied all the materials (pipes, valves and radiators) that were needed for the jobs we wanted to be done in the house and, he didn't charge an extortionate fee, unlike some of the Dutch plumbers that we'd had quotes from. He is a competent and confident person who simply gets the job done. Hands down, Ranj is one of the best tradesmen I've come across in all my years living in The Netherlands. I totally recommend him.

Chiara Di Falco reviewed The Bearded Heating Co. — 5 star

May 18, 2018 · 

Excellent service! Immediate response and Ranj is very pleasant and kind. He is keen into trying to solve your issue with total honesty. I had a broken thermostat, he retrieve a new one but then he was able to fix the old one so that I could save the money for the new one! Amazing. I would highly recommend it.

Maggie Holman reviewed The Bearded Heating Co. — 5 star

May 15, 2018 · 

We met Ranj for the first time yesterday when he came to do our boiler service. He's a friendly guy who obviously knows his stuff and made us feel that he really cared about us as customers. I can totally recommend him for any boiler/plumbing needs and will definitely be calling him again.

Jan Kenneth Bakke Flakstad reviewed The Bearded Heating Co. — 5 star

April 17, 2018 · 

We got help and the problem was solved the same day. Happy we found the Bearded Plumbing Co.

Emma Friesen reviewed The Bearded Heating Co. — 5 star

April 11, 2018 · 

We arranged our yearly boiler inspection with Ranj via WhatsApp. He messaged telling us he was on his way, arrived early, and was quick, attentive, and very friendly. We highly recommend Ranj's services!

Melissa Fiorenza reviewed The Bearded Heating Co. — 5 star

March 28, 2018 · 

Ranj is a legend! He actually loves his job and it shows! Super thankful to have found him!

Kevin Durrant reviewed The Bearded Heating Co. — 5 star

March 21, 2018 · 

within 24 hrs by boiler was brought back from the dead, he even assured me I could wait a few months to replace my current old CV for a new one as he had fixed the underlying issue. Ranj communicates well and is bullshit free!

Nicola Spagnuolo reviewed The Bearded Heating Co. — 5 star

March 17, 2018 · 

Highly recommended. Availability combined with an extremely high level of competence.

Jaya Chetwani reviewed The Bearded Heating Co. — 5 star

March 10, 2018 · 

Recently we had an issue with our heating on one of the coldest days March 1st , found Ranj online and reached out to him early morning and he was with us to fix it by midday. He is really friendly and professional.Not only was he prompt he was very reasonable with his charges too. I highly recommend him for his services.

Sergey Kapitonov reviewed The Bearded Heating Co. — 5 star

March 7, 2018 · 

Awesome service with fair prices. Something you don't see every day in Amsterdam.

Hans Vos reviewed The Bearded Heating Co. — 5 star

February 13, 2018 · 

Friendly and quick service by Ranji. Finally a good technician who just do what he has promised! Cleaned the whole heatingsystem, did some measurements according the safety and CO2% en send a rapport of all this.
Thanks Ranj!

Hayley Daen reviewed The Bearded Heating Co. — 5 star

January 24, 2018 · 

Ranj is a hero! Super helpful and attentive. He’s dedicated to finding the root of the problem and the right solution. Highly recommend!

Liam Dimmer reviewed The Bearded Heating Co. — 5 star

December 9, 2017 · 

Saved us (again) this morning, this being our third cry for help to Ranj (our house has issues..) Don’t think I’ve ever dealt with a more caring, reliable, straightforward and knowledgeable tradesman. Goes above and beyond the call of duty to ensure satisfaction. Every house needs a Ranj!

Sonia Cnchn reviewed The Bearded Heating Co. — 5 star

December 4, 2017 · 

Ranj replied to my desperate message (a radiator falling off the wall on a Saturday night!) very quickly to evaluate the situation. We agreed he would come on Monday morning to fix it, even though Sunday was also an option. He did a great job, and was also very friendly and easy-going. I can definitely recommend The Bearded Plumbing for any emergency!

Yolanda van Kimmenade reviewed The Bearded Heating Co. — 5 star

November 24, 2017 · 

Ranj came within an hour of calling, provided excellent service, fixed our hot water system and even checked the radiators. We also received the Black Friday discount! I would definitely recommend him!

Giovanna Garcia Malagon
 reviewed The Bearded Heating Co. — 5 star

October 24, 2017 · 

Excellent experience!! Ranj has a wonderful attitude and knows his work very well. I totally recommend him!

Hui Chu reviewed The Bearded Heating Co. — 5 star

October 14, 2017 · 

Excellent service!! Thanks for the boiler maintenance, and all the radiators are now function well. I think we are now ready for the winter~

Milagros Simarro reviewed The Bearded Heating Co. — 5 star

October 13, 2017 · 

Ranj is a super nice person and I will call him again for sure. He's very punctual (which is a plus), super tidy and very clear in his explanations.
He did a great job cleaning our CV Ketel. Thanks Ranj!

Ian Bardwell reviewed The Bearded Heating Co. — 5 star

October 10, 2017 · 

Ranj fitted a new central heating boiler for me yesterday, and I completely recommend his services. Very friendly and excellent quality. The service before and after via whatsapp, phone and email is also very quick and helpful.

Michalis Douramanis reviewed The Bearded Heating Co. — 5 star

October 6, 2017 · 

Excellent service from Ranj. He did a very good job with the maintenance of my INTERGAS gas heater combi. Also gave some very nice ideas and recommendations for improvement. Definitely recommended.

Ron RC reviewed The Bearded Heating Co. — 5 star

September 20, 2017 · 

In a city of unscrupulous and arrogant plumbers, Ranj is a find! He's professional, punctual, knows his craft, and a joy to deal with it. Very happy to have met him and recommend him wholeheartedly.

Cf Cristi reviewed The Bearded Heating Co. — 5 star

September 20, 2017 · 

Very polite and punctual person. He answered all my questions and made sure all my concerns were addressed before leaving the house. He made sure the job is done perfectly. Since he is also doing maintenance to the boiler i am going to purchase this service too. It was a good choice contracting Raj and i will surely recommend him.

Tim Wise reviewed The Bearded Heating Co. — 5 star

September 15, 2017 · 

Ranj is great. Can highly recommend his commitment!

Jill Parker reviewed The Bearded Heating Co. — 5 star

August 22, 2017 · 

Can't say enough good things about Ranj. Friendly, knowledgeable, fast, and not crazy expensive - everything you want in a plumber!

Scott Curry-Sumner reviewed The Bearded Heating Co. — 5 star

August 13, 2017 · 

So happy to find a good, honest, smart, pleasant plumber that also speaks English!
My life just got easier.

Kevan Mt Gomery reviewed The Bearded Heating Co. — 5 star

August 10, 2017 · 

I had my boiler serviced by the bearded plumber. I was very happy with the work he did. Will definitely use his services again in the future.

Mila Cenic reviewed The Bearded Heating Co. — 5 star

August 2, 2017 · 

I contacted Ranj on Monday through his website to request for a maintenance service on our Intergas boiler. In less than an hour he replied and we were making the appointment. The maintenance was done this morning, on time, in one hour, very thoroughly, exactly like described on his website. Payment done on the spot, the invoice and gas certificate were in my inbox while he was still in the house. No surprises, no fuss, no frustrations. Very nice way to start a day! :-) I can only highly recommend his service!

Marek Zamorski reviewed The Bearded Heating Co. — 5 star

August 1, 2017 · 

This is my second time using Ranj's sevices. And once again I was very happy with choosing his company - perfect customer service, quick response and very fair pricing. Finding good, reliable technician in Amsterdam can be tricky - but you don't have to search anymore, Ranj is your guy!

Pattabhi Ponugupati reviewed The Bearded Heating Co. — 5 star

July 26, 2017 · 

Perfection is a word that best suits Ranj's work at my place. Prompt, punctual and very communicative in his thoughts and work. Would blindly recommend him to anyone as from my personal experience, he wouldn't take up a job if he can't give it the best output. Thanks for a great experience Ranj !!

Rabiah Nasar-Ullah reviewed The Bearded Heating Co. — 5 star

July 3, 2017 · 

I can not recommend the Bearded Plumbing Co. enough. Ranj came over today after my boiler decided to go dark on me, super efficient, figured out the problem promptly, fixed it. Fab service, top guy, a very happy customer here.

Martijn Sinkeler reviewed The Bearded Heating Co. — 5 star

June 16, 2017 · 

Just one word; awesome. Ranj loves his job for sure, is friendly and polite, his work is very neat and he's is a real professional. He lives almost around the corner with me. Besides this; I Whatsapped him last night if he had time to install my new Honeywell T6 Lyric (sometime in the coming 2 weeks I hoped for) but he was here this afternoon already! He just squeezed me in. Wile he installed it we had a really nice chat. I never had a service like this before and didn't expect him to be here this quick.

Adam Waldmann reviewed The Bearded Heating Co. — 5 star

June 7, 2017 · 

A true professional, master craftsman and absolute gentleman. It was a pleasure to have Ranj around the house and he went above and beyond to accommodate us through every step of the process. We couldn't recommend him more highly!

 Lori Lens-FitzGerald reviewed The Bearded Heating Co. — 5 star

May 26, 2017 · 

I messaged him on Friday morning and he was able to squeeze me in at the end of the day. He communicated when he was coming and was able to figure out and resolve our issue. Kind, friendly,and highly recommended.

Diane Rickerby reviewed The Bearded Plumbing Co. — 5 star

May 11 2017

We've had problems with our boiler for over a year and the plumber I was using was not able to fix the problem, even after several attempts of removing and adding parts, it still didn't work properly. I contacted Ranj and he serviced and fixed the problem in one go. Wonderful service, highly professional and such a nice guy. 

Thank you, Ranj!


Nick Van de Veerdonk reviewed The Bearded Plumbing Co. — 5 star

May 11 2017

Uitstekende vakman en leuke vent om over de vloer te hebben, aanbevolen!

Excellent Craftsman and fun guy to be on the floor, recommended!


Ian McCarten reviewed The Bearded Plumbing Co. — 5 star

May 9 2017

We have found it difficult to find a reliable, cost effective and trust worthy engineer over the time we have been in Amsterdam.
So with great pleasure I can give assurance that the Bearded Plumber fits that criteria perfectly.
Ranj is a professional with a very calming and empathetic Manor that puts and keeps you at ease.
The first time I can honestly claim that it was a pleasure to employ the services of a truly genuinely interesting master at his craft.
Thank you Ranj


Saima Awan reviewed The Bearded Plumbing Co. — 5 star

May 1 2017

Since the first job, Ranj has been our go to plumber! Always a pleasure to have someone so nice to work with :) Problems all fixed with no later issues! Thanks Bearded Plumbing Co!


Sarah-Kate Edgar reviewed The Bearded Plumbing Co. — 5 star

March 14 2017 

I found Ranj via an expat forum & I am so grateful. I've been using another plumbing company & was so disappointed in their service, which all came to a head when they turned up 3 times to fix a potential gas leak with no equipment & told me they couldn't "smell" gas. Ranj came with all the equipment, found several leaks (I wasn't imagining it) & fixed it all. Will definitely be using him again & recommend anyone else to as well.


Kristiina Aksberg reviewed The Bearded Plumbing Co. — 5 star

March 13 

We were really struggling at first as it seemed we just couldn't find anyone reliable to change the radiators in our apartment (we were searching semi-actively for over a month!). Then I contacted the Bearded Plumbing and we had new radiators within one week (which actually includes also the delivery time of the radiators, which had nothing to do with The Bearded Plumbing). 
Ranj did wonderful job, was very professional and gave great advise for buying the radiators. He responded to our inquiry very fast and communicated fast and effectively through the project. Would hire him again anytime! Also his prices were very competitive but what really made the difference for us was that he seemed to be very reliable - which he was indeed! Highly recommended!


Natalie Fiorenza reviewed The Bearded Plumbing Co. — 5 star

March 9 2017

What a great guy! Amazing communication and service. He really went above and beyond to make sure that the installation of my cooker was up to the highest quality - hacking together bits of wood to make it level and not stopping until he was satisfied it was the best he could do! I will be calling him for any plumbing needs in future and would recommend him to anyone.


Darina Elencheva reviewed The Bearded Plumbing Co. — 5 star

March 6 2017

I was saved from the cold by The Bearded Plumbing Co. as my boiler wouldn't heat up. Despite the fact that it was Sunday night - half an hour after contacting the guys per Whatsapp, I received a visit and 10min later everything was fixed and working properly. I can only highly recommend this service - friendly, reliable and extremely competent.


Suhana Naidoo reviewed The Bearded Plumbing Co. — 5 star

February 25 2017

In a time when business is more transactional and less about fostering and nurturing relationships, The Bearded Plumbing Co. is a breath of fresh air. Raj is friendly, genuinely interested in taking care of your issues and solidly knowledgeable about his profession. Peace of mind is a commodity very few businesses can claim to trade in but Raj certainly can. Thank you for the excellent service.


Joyce Potuijt reviewed The Bearded Plumbing Co. — 5 star

February 24 2017

The bearded plumbing came to my house on a sunday evening to fix a leak in my bathroom!! Super kind and a great service on a sunday evening!! Again thank you very much and i will keep you in mind for the next time!!


Ash Hewerdine reviewed The Bearded Plumbing Co. — 5 star

February 21 2017

Mr Bearded Plumber visited our home last week to install 7 radiators, one combination boiler, a thermostat and replace all our central heating pipes. He did just that to a fine standard, and a couple of other odd jobs. He works hard, talks hard, and deserves our praise and the whole jar of coffee he drank to fuel his non-stop work.



Ana Van Roi reviewed The Bearded Plumbing Co. — 5 star

Excellent customer service - prompt reply, friendly approach and most important - all problems solved within timeframe and amount quoted.


Roberto Ferrara reviewed The Bearded Plumbing Co. — 5 star

February 21 2017

Amazing service i suggest it to everybody, responsive, quick and good prices!


Anette T. Henriksen reviewed The Bearded Plumbing Co. — 5 star

February 14 2017

I can only recommend Ranj aka "The Bearded Plumber" :) 
We had a thermostat that had gone "haywire" - we contacted him, he ordered it (without a previous visit), and he then came and installed it, within 20mins.
GREAT service.
GREAT price.
VERY professional. 
A reliable guy, and one I will make use of, again - no doubt. 
I now keep his number handy, for future work. 


Anastasia van Rooijen reviewed The Bearded Plumbing Co. — 5 star

February 13 2017

We are very happy to have found Ranj. Great customer service - prompt replies, arrival on time, friendly approach and decent pricing. Ranj is a real professional in what he does - all our problems were solved within one visit (couple of heaters not working properly, weird smell in the boiler room, etc). Don't look any further - if you need a good plumber - Ranj is the one!


katinka van der meijden reviewed The Bearded Plumbing Co. — 5 star

Ranj has been a great help to us. Replies fast, is very kind and helpful and clearly has a lot of experience! I would definitely recommend him!


Paul Gheorghe reviewed The Bearded Plumbing Co. — 5 star

February 10 2017

Great guy, good job and fast response time. I think there's no problem the bearded plumber cannot fix. Thank you:)


Jonathan Waldron reviewed The Bearded Plumbing Co. — 5 star

February 8 2017

Great service from a great guy. Did what he said, when he said for the price he quoted! Highly recommend him.


Luke Davies reviewed The Bearded Plumbing Co. — 5 star

February 2 2017

What a great guy. Messaged me back immediately, called within 15 minutes and was at my place to survey the work an hour later. Carried out all works efficiently with great care and was very courteous and obliging. I'd spent the four days previous not being called back by plumbers including my previous regular guy. I simply don't understand that behaviour. Will only use Ranj in the future. Top bloke.


Susan Sinnett reviewed The Bearded Plumbing Co. — 5 star

February 2 2017

Everything was fixed and we had a good laugh at the same time! Quick professional and straight forward honest! Thanks!


Leo Edwards  reviewed The Bearded Plumbing Co. — 5 star

Responded to call in less than ten minutes, was here in two hours, fixed every problem.
Fast and friendly.
Would recommend strongly.


Luis Rebelo reviewed The Bearded Plumbing Co. — 5 star

January 31 2017

Awesome service by an awesome guy. Ranj is knowledgeable, resourceful and got me out of a nasty heater leaking situation. While he was at it, he also installed me a Nest and fixed an issue with my duodimmer. Would call him again, and I definitely recommend him.


Scott Peterson reviewed The Bearded Plumbing Co. — 5 star

January 29 2017

I have used the Bearded Plumber twice now. He's always professional, and more importantly diagnoses the problem accurately and fixes it. Thanks!


Jack De Bock reviewed The Bearded Plumbing Co. — 5 star

January 29 2017

Geweldige Engelse Loodgieter / Elektricien. Is supersnel, goedkoop en betrouwbaar.

Great English plumber / electrician. Is super fast, cheap and reliable.


Carmen MC reviewed The Bearded Plumbing Co. — 5 star

January 16 2017

5 stars for the service, communication and for the person. Ranj is a very nice and professional person. I couldn't recommend more!


Stephen Read reviewed The Bearded Plumbing Co. — 5 star

January 15 2017

My boiler problems left me without heating and hot water two days before travel and on sub zero nights.
I contacted Ranj via WhatApp on a Friday night, he came the next morning, diagnosed the issue whilst explaining everything, answered every question I had, ordered the part before he left, and came back quickly to fix the problem.
His communication has been top notch, and he has been a pleasure to deal with.
I have no hesitation in recommending him!!


Dumb Egbuna  reviewed The Bearded Plumbing Co. — 5 star

Absolute great service! Good communication and prompt installation!! I highly recommend them for any plumbing issues in the Netherlands.


Maria Druganova reviewed The Bearded Plumbing Co. — 5 star 

Very fast to do the job and great in communication. Highly recommend them in case you need good service for a reasonable price!


Meltem Kaya reviewed The Bearded Plumbing Co. — 5 star

January 13 2017

Ranj did a great job at my place. He installed a new radiator and fixed my showerpipes. I would definitely recommend him.


Aris Lamprianidis reviewed The Bearded Plumbing Co. — 5 star

Courteous, professional and English speaking. Need I say more?


Anne-Sophie Borgers-Marquis reviewed The Bearded Plumbing Co.— 5 star

January 11 2017

Fantastic job! Definitely recommend as they showed up when expected and offered great solutions


Bertil Videt reviewed The Bearded Plumbing Co. — 5 star

January 7 2017

Very competent guy, who persists till the issue is solved. And he is a cool guy you can have great conversations with. Will certainly use again!


Manolo Do Grelo reviewed The Bearded Plumbing Co. — 5 star

December 3 2016 

Very good service. Nice person and careful with his job. Best plumbing service I've seen in Amsterdam so far.


Hurdy Sophie reviewed The Bearded Plumbing Co. — 5 star

December 1 2016 

Always professional, on time and friendly. I had many companies trying to fix my heater and Ranj did it in no time. I'm very happy with his service and will continue to use this company in the future.


Elisa Heise reviewed The Bearded Plumbing Co. — 5 star

December 1 2016 

I had a lot of trouble with my boiler and used someone else previously that was very expensive and quite terrible to deal with. I'm so glad I found Ranj who ensured that this time everything was up and running, I was warm and I was able to save a lot of money. Finally a trustworthy boiler specialist in Amsterdam.

Overall a great experience and super reliable and nice guy, that I couldn't recommend more!


Melodie Cartayrade reviewed The Bearded Plumbing Co. — 5 star

November 26 2016 

Reliable, efficient and great conversation 


Roxy JC reviewed The Bearded Plumbing Co. — 5 star

November 21 2016 

Great guy, very professional.


Madhu Ray reviewed The Bearded Plumbing Co. — 5 star

November 3 2016 

Mr bearded guy is a very nice guy and he knows what the problem is and where the problem is and knows how to fix it in very cost effective and efficient way...So in short I'm glad that I bumped with him online.You know sometimes you have feelings like, since you are an expat that you are kind of victim(since not aware of language or may be some other factors)...but with this guy you won't have this kind of feelings ....well!!! he is in my contact list for emergency folder.


Lucie Agolini reviewed The Bearded Plumbing Co. — 5 star

October 26 2016 

Ranj is excellent! I wouldn't go to anyone else for my plumbing needs, really glad I found his website online.

Swift communication, appointment booked in quickly, prices given incl. VAT so no hidden surprises, and all round nice, friendly and informative fellow. The Bearded Plumbing Co number is now safely saved in my phone contacts :)

Thanks Ranj! Good luck!