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All gas fired appliance need regular servicing to ensure they are functioning correctly, safely, effectively and efficiently. Boiler manufacturers recommend the gas appliance is maintained and serviced at least once a year. One of the major reasons for carry out an annual 'Maintenance Inspection' is to ensure the appliance is not producing excessive amounts of Carbon Monoxide. Carbon Monoxide is a highly deadly gas that is a product of incomplete combustion. It has no smell, no taste and no colour. It is the silent killer. This is why it is highly recommended to have the appliance inspected on a regular basis.

The Bearded Heating Coº is ex-British Gas engineers and have 20 years of servicing and maintenance experience.

You may ask what is exactly done on a annual Maintenance Inspection? We have listed the steps we take when carrying out an annual inspection:


  1. Visual Checks of Appliance & System - To look for any obvious faults and water leaks

  2. Visual Inspection of the Flue - Check the flue is adequately supported and joints are screwed/sealed as per Manufacturer's Instructions

  3. Carry out Flue Gas Analysis -Measure Combustion readings to determine gas is burning efficiently and not producing excessive Carbon Monoxide

  4. Check operation of all Safety Devices - Ensure they are working effectively and correctly

  5. Check pressure in Expansion Vessel and Radiators - Top up if necessary

  6. Clean Condense Trap & any Filters - Wash away any debris collected over time

  7. Clean Main Heat Exchanger & Burner - Wash away any debris collected over time and replace any seals if necessary

  8. Strip & Clean all water parts, such as pump, diverter valve

  9. Check levels of corrosion inhibitor, and if necessary will be topped up

  10. Operate appliance and test functionality - walk the system to ensure all radiators are heating up and that hot water is flowing at the correct flow rate and temperature

  11. Carry out Final Flue Gas Analysis -Measure Combustion readings to determine gas is burning efficiently

  12. On completion we will fill out a Maintenance Inspection Certificate and have it emailed to you for your records

All controls, such as timers, programmers and room thermostats are also inspected to ensure the boiler responds correctly when there is a demand, and if these are battery operated, we will test the batteries to ensure they have enough power. Any damages or wear and tear to the flue system or to any part of the system, will be bought to the customer's attention and a quote will be provided for the remedial work.